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The Kuluya website focuses on creating and developing games for both children and teens. We started as small game developer way back in the year 2010 as we try and create new and interesting games for everyone. Kuluya consists of people who specialized in graphics, illustrations, and game developing. Altogether, we want to create lots of fun games that can entertain individuals whatever their age may be. We focus on graphics that expresses us, Nigerians and Africans because we want to showcase to the world our rich culture and style.

In the last few years, our games were all minis and are only for children’s entertainment. However, as time passed by, we decided to improve more our craft and expand it to encompass older individuals. We started redirecting our path in a way that would benefit people of all ages now. In the year 2014, we were able to start deploying video games that cater to both young and old crowd. Doing this just made our website more fun and exciting.

We hope that we are able to make a lot of people happy with our creations. We even tried to make storylines for the games so that some of them can be more fun to explore and can be played for a longer period. Our RPG games are highly recommended here.

Kuluya accepts comments and game reviews from gamers and game developers alike. By doing this, we hope that we can improve our services better and can further enhance the games we create. Kuluya is more than open to the idea of improving and developing more games in the future. We are hoping that this gaming site was able to give entertainment to our users.

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